Gail Godwin

Dion Ogust photo

Gail Godwin spent formative years of her childhood in Western North Carolina. A keynote speaker at the 2018 Carolina Mountains Literary Festival, she was kind enough to share some thoughts on her upbringing and childhood. Read more


A friend’s Facebook meme last month caught my eye. It was the image of a boy playing in the mud, and the caption read: “They didn’t know their clothes were hand-me-downs, or that their home was not a mansion." Read more



Guy Smalley illustration •

Now that Summer is here, it’s easier to reflect a bit more kindly on treasonous Spring. From right after New Year until Mother’s Day, I bristle in a crystalline funk, softened momentarily by a couple of exciting events such as my sister’s birthday. Read more


Freezer Burn

Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

The icicles hanging along the porch roof looked like stalactites we had seen when we visited Cudjo Cavern, outside Middlesboro. It was cold and the morning sun was as bright as July at Myrtle Beach. Read more