Civil War

With the exception of Civil War buffs, few today will remember Varina Howell Davis (1826-1906), wife to Jefferson Davis and the only first lady of the Confederate States of America. Read more


Author and historian will speak about Civil Way battles in East Tennessee. Read more


Civil War veteran

State Archives of North Carolina Photo

One hundred-fifty years ago this May, the final battle of the Civil War east of the Mississippi broke out here in Southern Appalachia. The historic clash occurred at White Sulphur Springs, just outside the tiny mountain hamlet of Waynesville, N.C. Read more


Andrew Johnson gravesite

Sarah E. Kucharski photo

No conflict before or since has so affected America. It put more than 600,000 people in early graves, left many thousands more scarred for life, and cut a swathe of deprivation and destruction across many areas of the South. Read more