Constance E. Richards

The spin doctor

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The mountains drive these women to extremes—climbing the steepest rock faces, paddling the fastest rapids, biking the most gnarled trails. But what really motivates them is sharing their gifts with outdoors enthusiasts looking for a new challenge. Read more



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Backtrack just 25 years in Asheville, and you’d be hard pressed to find beers beyond the Bud, Busch, Miller, or Coors brands. Maybe a Corona or Moosehead and their ilk. Heineken was the gourmet beer of standing. Read more


Donna Doyle

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I doubt poetry would have helped my state of mind in the sudden hospitalization and ultimate loss of my husband, but now—a year on—reflecting on illness, loss, and death through poetry, prose, and art, seems a meaningful way to address the unspoken. Read more


Quacking loudly

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On its mountains-to-the-sea review of “quirky characters, roadside oddities and other offbeat stuff,” a new book, North Carolina Curiosities, explores scores of unique spots and structures. Read more

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Christopher Holt

Courtesy of Christopher Holt and Fine Arts League of the Carolinas photos

An athlete in high school, student of literature in college, world traveler and apprentice to a fresco master, Christopher Holt has emerged an artist, teacher, and now director of the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas in Asheville, N.C. Read more


Asheville Farmers Market

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You throw on your comfy shoes, a touch of sunscreen, and a big hat and grab a canvas bag. It’s Saturday morning and the tailgate markets are open for business. Read more


Gingerbread winner

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Months before the season of sugar plums and eggnog, Linda Carney’s home fills with the aroma of warm gingerbread and sweet candy. That’s because Carney is part of the elaborate feast for the eyes known as the National Gingerbread Competition. Read more