2,000 museums nationwide will offer free admission to U.S. military personnel and their immediate families from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Read more

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Recycled regalia

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Bones, lint, Styrofoam, banana skins, the squishes and squashes found on the street: nothing is so humble that it cannot be made into art,” the Hungarian-born artist Sari Dienes once proclaimed, as quoted in her 1992 obituary in The New York Times. Read more


Tangy as a crabapple, sweet to my ears

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Like the eternal haze that gave the mountains their name, music has drifted over the hills and through the coves of the Smokies for centuries. My ancestors recorded it in the thickets of their memory so it could be handed down like the family Bible. Read more


Juneywank Falls, Bryson City, N.C.

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When my family moved from Raleigh to outside the tiny town of Sylva nearly thirty years ago, my four-year-old mind was astounded by and more than a little wary of the fact that there were conspicuously few traffic lights. Read more


Lost and found

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As we’ve aged together, I’ve noticed that many conversations with my husband include describing something we’ve either lost or found. The best conversations rotate around something we lost and then found. And then sometimes lose again. Read more


The Sams Family

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Working crossword puzzles or solving a Sudoku puzzle can keep one’s mind sharp, but for Stan Smith, a more satisfying challenge comes in helping other people solve their genealogical conundrums. Read more


How one defines his or her faith is a personal matter, yet it is not uncommon to engage in a search for meaning. That search may take one to an Ashram in India or a rural Southern Baptist congregation, from loosely defined faith to formal worship. Read more