Pam Myers calls the large, container-like structure hovering at the core of the expanded Asheville Art Museum “a box within a box.” The metaphor is fitting in many ways, the museum’s executive director says. Read more

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There a distinct feeling that draws people to Waynesville’s wide sidewalks, weathered brick buildings, and broad bay windows. Words like comfortable, interesting and enjoyable come to mind. Read more


Turning point

Photo courtesy of Visit Knoxville

People who haven’t been to downtown Knoxville in a decade or two will need to allow some time for adjustment. The general shapes of the narrow old streets and crowded buildings look familiar, maybe. Read more

A gilded past

From the Thompson Photograph Collection, McClung Historical Collection

Entering the new S&W Grand Café in downtown Knoxville, a gentle breeze of nostalgia wafts over you. Perhaps it’s the glazed terra cotta Art Deco façade of the old building. Or perhaps it’s the dazzling reconstruction inside. Read more