Durant Haire

Survival Island is the home of the Nolichucky Outdoor Learning Institute’s survival class. Here you can study and practice the skills necessary for surviving life-threatening situations in the wilds. Perhaps, like me, you’ll have a blast doing it. Read more


Although the distance from Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Nags Head at the Outer Banks is nearly 500 miles, there are times when you can almost imagine the two coming together. Read more



Jean Wall Penland Illustration

I love it when I can reach for the flannel and fleece, stock up on coffee and pumpkin beer, gather wood for a fire, and make sure I have a book of ghost stories to cozy up with on the long, dark nights. Read more



Guy Smalley illustration •

The beard. Symbol of wisdom and masculinity to some. For others, an indicator of menace and neglect. Loved and loathed. Derided and defended. Our feelings about a full face of whiskers are quite polarized. Read more