The annual community-wide event focuses on removing trash, debris and tires from locations along the Tennessee River and its associated creek tributaries. Read more

Tucked away in the mountainous woods of beautiful Jackson County, North Carolina, sits an old landfill, a burial ground for bottles, cartons and phonebooks. Read more


Perfect storm

Don Hendershot

A confluence of events that came together in the Southern Appalachians in the fall of 2016, which precipitated this unprecedented fire season: Decades of fuel buildup, drought, warm temperatures, low humidity, wind and then ignition. Read more


The true impact of the fires won't be known for decades but you will see them while you are in the woods this summer. Get answers with our Q&A from Smoky Mountain News. Read more


Current events

Margaret Hester photo

It was a Green Drinks night at Posana Café in Asheville, N.C., and the crowd started gathering early. The program on tap was the hot topic for now in the city—the future of Asheville’s water system. Read more


White Oak Flats Branch

Don McGowan photo

What is a temperate rainforest? The short answer is that it’s a forest that’s wet with mild temperatures. The not-so-short-answer is that in the Southern Appalachians it’s complicated. Read more


Solar Decathlon

Stefano Paltera/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon photo

The Solar Homestead is a self-sustaining net zero-energy house inspired by the pioneer spirit of the early settlers to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The isolation of early settlers to the Appalachian region fostered a pioneer spirit. Read more


Bad piggie

NPS photo

Only the most farsighted and intuitive of those who labored for the creation of the Smokies could have foreseen the slate of environmental challenges that would be facing the park mere decades after its dedication in 1940. Read more

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Energy Xchange

Becky Johnson photo

When Ian Kessler-Gowell began counting up the costs to open his own glass blowing studio, the show stopper wasn’t the industrial furnace, the polishing wheel, or diamond-bladed band-saw. Instead, it was the energy. Read more