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A kaleidoscope of color defines fall in the Smokies. The hue of a tree’s leaves tell the story of the natural history of each species. Read more


Witch Hazel

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Picture that perfect fall afternoon hike: The sun warms the air from high overhead in an endless Carolina-blue November sky; the creek next to the trail murmurs softly. Read more


Fall view

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With crisp blue skies and a riot of colors in the treetops, fall in the Smokies is a photographer’s paradise. But with more than 800 square miles to chose from, where should an aspiring shutterbug start? Read more

My father once read John Gardner’s book October Light simply for its title. We both love the fall when the light shifts and the angles are softer, and a soft glow envelops everything. It is the time of year for cotton-knit sweaters and hiking boots. Read more


Outdoor outfitters

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The Smoky Mountains offer great opportunities for hiking — even in the winter months. You probably won’t ever need ice axes, crampons or snowshoes, but it’s still a good idea to keep yourself bundled up comfortably on those cold days and nights. Read more


Fall migration has begun. Tens of millions of songbirds, raptors and shorebirds that nested across North America are returning to their wintering grounds in Central and South America. The Appalachians offer many opportunities to witness this odyssey. Read more