Fred Sauceman

Roasting a Pig and Remembering

Photo by Fred Sauceman.

Every October, Eduardo Zayas-Bazán travels from Miami to East Tennessee, where he once taught Spanish. His mission: to reunite with friends over a roasting, citrus-marinated, garlicky pig. Read more

Sweet Appalachia

Retracing a Father’s Wartime Footsteps

Fred Sauceman photo

It’s a miracle that I even exist. My father, Fred Sauceman Sr., was a member of the 101st Airborne Division during World War II. He survived the D-Day Invasion and the hedgerow warfare in Normandy. Read more

Good Reads

Traditional Tastes of the Mountains

Fred Sauceman

You can find Himalayan eggplant in Asheville, North Carolina. You can find Indian street food. You can find Korean seafood pancakes. In my home county in East Tennessee, there are three Vietnamese restaurants. Pho is now commonplace. Read more

Sweet Appalachia

Kilt Lettuce and a Spring Celebration

Photo by Fred Sauceman

Mary Waldrop kneels beside a brook in Unicoi County, Tennessee. She has spotted something. It’s a bright green plant, a welcome sight after a long winter. The edges of its leaves are serrated. We’ve come, on this day in early May, to dig ramps. Read more

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While maintaining that spirit of barbecue inclusiveness, when asked to name my favorite, I answer instantly and confidently: Ridgewood Barbecue in Bluff City, Tennessee. Read more

The Dillard House

Kurtis Miller photo •

In the Little Tennessee River Valley of North Georgia in 1917, Carrie and Arthur Dillard served their first meal at The Dillard House to a circuit-riding minister. Read more

Sweet Appalachia

Finished Dip Dogs

Fred Sauceman

The big city hot dogs of Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia get most of the media attention, but the small towns and country backroads of Southwest Virginia are rich in hot dog cuisine. Read more

Sweet Appalachia

“As the legend goes, he didn’t say round or anything at the time,” explains Tory Johnston, current vice president of marketing for the Chattanooga Bakery. “He said it just needs to be those flavors, marshmallow and graham, and dipped in chocolate." Read more

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Heaven on a plate

Shawn Poynter

It’s four o’clock in the morning. Even the early-rising cattlemen haven’t arrived at the Kingsport Livestock Auction. But across the parking lot, Betty Jones has just turned on the lights at Betty’s Stockyard Café. Read more

Sweet Appalachia

Philippine Connection

Photo by Fred Sauceman

Pacific Island cookery at a fall fair in the Volunteer State may, at first, seem out of place. But Knoxvillians’ love of lumpia is long-standing. Read more

Sweet Appalachia

A mysterious business in Bristol, Tennessee, is a candy wonderland. Read more

Sweet Appalachia

Cooking for a Cause

Buddy Woods photo

The architecture and the ambiance still reflect the days when eating establishments had to classify themselves as private clubs in order to sell liquor. The name is a link to the building’s former life, as a gasoline station. Read more

Mountain Explorer

Janette Carter

Photo by Larry Smith

The making of chow-chow involves far more than the blending of vinegar, vegetables, and spices. Canning this mysterious relish, made for generations in the Mountain South, signals change and ingenuity. Read more

Sweet Appalachia

Fresh Harvest

Courtesy of Harvest Table

Interstate 81 bypassed their business over half a century ago, but Pam and Grant Hall keep making Dip Dogs on the Lee Highway between Chilhowie and Marion in Southwest Virginia. Read more