Marble Springs State Historic site is the farm and home of John Sevier, Revolutionary War hero and first governor of Tennessee. Read more


Jonesborough, Tennessee’s oldest town, is filled with a collection of historic homes displaying a variety of architectural styles and themes. Those homes will be the centerpiece of the Colors of Christmas Tour and Dinner on Saturday, December 1. Read more


Historic property offers a spectacular view of the City of Knoxville's Festival on the Fourth fireworks. Read more


These 12 Crafters for Christmas represent “time-honored traditions and a legacy of handcraft” native to the people of the southern Appalachians, as celebrated through their membership in the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Read more

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The holidays are approaching, and once again you have no idea what to give your beloved Uncle Fergus and Aunt Ida. What to do? What the blazes do you give such people? Well, books, of course. But not just any books. Read more


Though Appalachia’s apple stack cake tends to get most of the attention, many Southern holiday spreads wouldn’t be complete without an old-fashioned Japanese fruitcake, a layered spice cake with coconut filling or icing. Read more


Wassail that packs a punch

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There are a lot of things I don’t know. I don’t know why my cat Harold tries to swat me every time I walk by him. I thought he and I were better friends than that. Read more

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Whiskey Cake

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Fruitcake isn’t the only liquor-soaked dessert that brings out the holiday cheer. This time of year, the classic Tennessee whiskey cake also finds itself in heavy rotation in Southern kitchens, inspiring the rich updates included here. Read more


A vine to remember

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A fellow I know welcomes the holiday season by decking the halls, and the walls, and a few of the yard’s ornamental bushes with hundreds of lights that won’t come down until Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Read more


Swag Bar

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The holiday season is the time for baking and trading homemade goodies. Try these Western North Carolina creations next time the kitchen is calling. Read more



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Since moving to Asheville a little over a year ago, it has become clear to me that I have relocated to the sustainability capital of the universe. Here I am an eco-amateur. I should be raising my own cow and feeding her indigenous grasses. Read more