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Until my wife, Mary Pat, and I bought our first house, which included a dishwasher, our greatest ‘home appliance moment’ had been the purchase of a low-budget washer/dryer set. Read more


I got a message from a reader in northeast Ohio that perfectly sums up what we try to do with every issue of Smoky Mountain Living. She is from Johnson City, Tennessee, but has lived in Cuyahoga Falls, near Akron, for 34 years. Read more


Home. The word slips from the mouth as easily as an exhalation of air. We don’t need to finagle over the word’s definition because, for each of us, home—like love—carries its own special connotations. Read more


My parents live in the same blue house in Iowa where they’ve lived nearly all of their 43 years of marriage. Though more than a decade has passed since I moved out, I know that house like the back of my hand. Read more


Before “buy local” or “grow your own,” gardens at the home place were a necessary way of life. Folks bent over the earth as beads of sweat dripped from their brow into the dirt. They walked the garden rows, fretting about the harvest. Read more


Looking foxy

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There’s a host of furry, feathery, slinky, slimy, big and tiny creatures making their homes across the mountains and with which we share the landscape. Some homes are but temporary. Read more


Cuba, N.Y.

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After college, I was determined to strike out on my own and so I moved south to North Carolina. It’s one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve made in my adult life, but there are days when I would do just about anything to be back home in Cuba. Read more



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Since homelessness began growing in the 1980s, churches, nonprofit organizations, and civic groups have been filling in the gaps as government services for the poor have decreased. Today, those gaps are growing wider and wider. Read more


Christmas tree

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It’s not too much above freezing outside, but in my living room a loaf of a cat rises in the warmth of the sun, the dog sleeps sprawled in front of the space heater, and my husband is clattering about in the bathroom where he’s patching plaster. Read more


Extending a crepe myrtle branch

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The last crepe myrtle branch drops as I turn into the driveway. Through the windshield I lock eyes with a guy grasping loppers and hold him fixed in my glare. Getting out, I pick my way around the limbs until I square off with the destruction. Read more


Quacking loudly

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On its mountains-to-the-sea review of “quirky characters, roadside oddities and other offbeat stuff,” a new book, North Carolina Curiosities, explores scores of unique spots and structures. Read more

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Look homeward

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For most of us, “home” usually conjures feelings of warmth and comfort. We often define home as a physical, tangible place where we either live, have grown up, or share memories with ones we love. In a sense, “home” is a friend to us. Read more


Early log home

Photo courtesy of Berea College by permission

The evocation of the log home incites images of a beautiful blend of past and present. One often envisions the modest, one-room structures of the past as well as the glamorous, awe-inspiring cabins that romanticize the term “vacation home.” Read more