All-Purpose cleaner

Meg Reilley photo

I have never been a messy person. As a child, I curated and organized my bedroom so deliberately and dutifully that, upon returning home from school, I was able to immediately discern if anyone had set foot in it while I was away. Read more



Sow True Seeds photo

Chris Smith, the community coordinator of Sow True Seed—an Asheville-based company that specializes in open-pollinated, heirloom, and organic seeds—answers common spring gardening questions in this new regular column for Smoky Mountain Living. Read more



Photo by Johnny Autry. Styled by Charlotte Autry

The nail polish was the last thing to go. For the better part of 14 years, I had moved five glass bottles of silver, emerald, ruby, cobalt, and onyx hues around with me. Read more


Life's a peach

Johnny Autry photo

Peach eaters are taskmasters, expecting nothing short of sensory perfection from each specimen. When the demand meets the desire, the result—without any hint of hyperbole—is ecstasy. When it does not, however, the letdown feels profound. Read more