Jack Neeley

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Thompson Photograph Collection, McClung Historical Collection

Knoxville may get in the news these days via the college-sports pages, it sometimes surprises folks that it is, at its core, an industrial city. Driven by its extractive industries, Knoxville diversified to railroad equipment, textiles and furniture. Read more


Winter Pan regional champ

Mandy Newham illustration

The wonders of modern life, our electronic technology, maybe the idea of civilization, can sometimes seem like a thin, tenuous thing. Sometimes it takes only weather to brush it away, take us back a couple of centuries. Read more

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Turning point

Photo courtesy of Visit Knoxville

People who haven’t been to downtown Knoxville in a decade or two will need to allow some time for adjustment. The general shapes of the narrow old streets and crowded buildings look familiar, maybe. Read more

A bear for Jane

Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

A young woman doesn’t tour America alone, and without a car. But Jane had decided that was what she would do. Her primary destination in America would be Sevier County: because, as the explained, “I rather like Dolly Parton.” Read more


Birke Baehr

Rebecca L. Neely photo

Birke Baehr has become famous in this past year, but on a Tuesday afternoon you might find him at a modest farmer’s market held in a church parking lot banked by tall lush woods in a residential area of Knoxville. Read more


In the Smokies with Dad

Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

Saturdays, when it was rainy, Dad and I would “run errands.” We’d go to hardware stores and automotive stores and paint stores and lumber stores. Everybody seemed to know Dad, and he always had a challenge for the men behind the counters. Read more


Relics of the past

Jack Neely photo

We present the Smokies as an enclave of rough pioneers who were so remote they had no other options, but by the time the first logs were being cut for cabins in Cades Cove, Knoxville had already hosted a state capital and a fledgling university. Read more