Jay Hardwig

Terry Bellamy

Ken Abbott photo

When Terry Bellamy was elected mayor of Asheville, North Carolina, in November of 2005, local observers were far from surprised. She was a familiar face in city politics, a six-year veteran of city council who first ran for mayor in 2001. Read more


There’s scarcely a better time than the first weekend of October, when the “Once Upon a Times” fall like rain, the “Happily Ever Afters” follow suit, and the yarns, lies, and legends are all rippin’ good. Read more

Orange Peel

Carli Adams photo

When Rolling Stone magazine released its 2008 “Best of Rock” issue, Pat Whalen and his crew at the Orange Peel were in for a “very pleasant surprise.” The Peel was named by Rolling Stone as one of the five best rock clubs in the country. Read more


Some I didn’t know. “Si-goggle” means crooked or out of line. But Mountain Talk is more history than dictionary; it is more interested in the evolution of the Southern Appalachian dialect than in gassing us with a bunch of funny words. Read more