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Rooted in History

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In the remote community of Boogertown, a narrow gravel road threads its way to the end of Wilson Hollow and a farm cradled in seclusion a few miles from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Read more


Born to Fly

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I was buzzing with anticipation as I assembled my supplies—pencil, adhesive tags, data sheet—but I wasn’t the only one getting antsy. I extended my hand into the butterfly habitat I’d improvised from a mesh, pop-up laundry hamper. Read more


Bellafina Chocloates

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From Mad Priest Coffee in Chattanooga to Aurora Studio & Gallery in Asheville and many places in between, the mountains are full of labors of love - business that put people ahead of profits. Read more

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Horse sense

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“Almost Home,” is a velvety instrumental recording featuring piano and acoustic guitar. With the complement of ambient sounds of nature from the Smoky Mountains woven into the tune, it becomes captivating. Read more


When artist and photographer Louis E. Jones arrived in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in the 1920s, he became the first artist to reside permanently in the remote mountain village and earn a living from his craft. Read more

Quite a menagerie

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​Gale Joh’s fascination with carousels began in Binghamton, New York, where he spent his boyhood riding the city’s six merry-go-rounds. Read more

Zophia's Dragon

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A 3,000-pound, 22-foot dragon named Eli greets visitors to the Nashville Children’s Theater. There thousands of people flock annually to enjoy productions such as “The Reluctant Dragon” and to catch a glimpse of Eli. Read more


The Family Plot

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A few miles east of Gatlinburg, a right turn off the main road leads directly into the solitude and beauty of Greenbrier Cove. The road is rough and narrow, its edge precariously close to the river, which tumbles over and around huge boulders. Read more


#3 in the lead

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By the age of ten, the boy had learned to drive and was delivering cars around Atlanta for his father’s paint and body shop. The tips he stuffed in his pocket—sometimes as much as a whole dollar—added up to good money in 1941, but he fancied more. Read more

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Steady hands

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Tucked away in a backyard in the heart of Jonesborough, Tennessee’s oldest town, sits a timber-framed cabin.It is the workshop of talented artisan Curtis Buchanan, who has spent nearly three decades handcrafting Windsor chairs. Read more


Tangy as a crabapple, sweet to my ears

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Like the eternal haze that gave the mountains their name, music has drifted over the hills and through the coves of the Smokies for centuries. My ancestors recorded it in the thickets of their memory so it could be handed down like the family Bible. Read more


  • Windsor castle

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    Windsor castle

    Curtis Buchanan’s workshop is tucked away in his Jonesborough, Tenn., backyard.

  • Tools of the trade

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    Tools of the trade

    Clockwise top, left to right: adze, drawknife, plane, spoke shave, mallet, brace, froe, scorp (center).

  • Steady hands

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    Steady hands

    Curtis Buchanan uses steady hands as he works on his unique, personal design—a contemporary Windsor.