Harm Teaster Harmon Den

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Every day travelers by the thousands weave through the Pigeon River Gorge along Interstate 40 between Hartford, Tenn. and Maggie Valley, N.C. Seven miles from the remote state line, a lone sign points toward Harmon Den. Read more

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Long ago, I heard the Kingston Trio sing of Tom Dooley. The song played on a jukebox in Grady’s Café in Boonville, N.C. It was the birthplace of a romance between a boy and a song. I loved that ballad then, and I love it now. Read more

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Judaculla Rock

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The Smoky Mountains’ urban legends—or rather rural myths—are a sure-fire way to strike up conversation. But be forewarned. One could be walking into a hornet’s nest, or opening a can of worms, or, as some say around here, stepping into a cow pile. Read more


The Saw Hog

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“When I sent the book out the first time, a publisher promptly returned it with the comment, ‘You’ve got to be kidding’,” Storyteller Gary Carden said. “Eventually, I put in on the shelf." Read more

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