‘Daydreams’ Become Classic Stories for Young Adults

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Author Megan Shepherd has created worlds filled with fantastical and otherworldly characters by seeking inspiration from horror tales of an earlier age. Read more


Also attending is Jaki Shelton Green, the North Carolina Poet Laureate. Read more


Author Diana Gabaldon will attend events sponsored by the N.C. Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources. Read more


The Rose Glen Literary Festival is an annual event held the last Saturday in February that features presentations, a panel discussion and a writing workshop as well as a luncheon and keynote speaker. Read more

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You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to identify the booklovers at the Biltmore Estate. Simply stand near the library at the Biltmore House and observe the queue of visitors passing by. Read more


Katie Knorovsky

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As a kid, I whipped up my share of mud pies and looked forward to summer camp and games of Kick the Can with my cousins on our grandparents’ farm. But most days I could be found inside, nose in a book. Read more


On the family farm

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It’s a strange thing, the banjo. Some skin and strings. It looks as if its maker couldn’t decide between percussion and chordophone, and just threw the two together. And then there’s this string that doesn’t even reach the full length of the neck. Read more


At the East Tennessee Coffee Company

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From our home in Sylva, we sidled up along Jonathan Creek in Haywood County and rode it until we approached the Pigeon River and intersected Interstate 40. Read more

In his new book Lost Elkmont (Arcadia Publishing, $22), writer Daniel L. Paulin reveals secrets of this Smokies logging camp turned exclusive resort. Here Paulin shares more insight on the early days. Read more


Ron Rash

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​Western North Carolina author Ron Rash lights up as much talking about his two novels making their film debuts this winter as he does describing the trout stream that runs through campus at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee. Read more


Will the South as a culture survive? More specifically, will readers a hundred years from now still identify certain contemporary writers as “Southern?” The first question is too large to ponder here. Read more


Keeping Peter Byerly out of a bookshop, or a library, is no easy task. Given his problems with social anxiety, he’d rather be at home solving a crossword puzzle alongside a cup of tea. Read more



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Those who have thought about writing, wondered how to hook their children on reading, or are just interested in learning about writers and stories of all shapes and sizes should go to the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival. Read more


Carpetbag Theatre

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The Knoxville Writers’ Guild recently celebrated the centennial of native son James Agee, a writer and movie reviewer best known for his novel, A Death in the Family. Read more



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Ask Clay County poet Glenda Beale what it was like to arrive in the far western part of North Carolina as a fledging writer knowing no other writers, and you will immediately hear the name Nancy Simpson. Read more

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Reading is such a solitary pursuit, and yet a good book is something we all want to share. What would happen if everyone in Western North Carolina read the same book? That’s the question that started Together We Read, a community reading program. Read more


Water beasts, Shakespeare’s best stories retold as Appalachian mysteries, baseball in 19th century Japan, and exciting things to see and do before you’re 12. These are some of the topics found in books for young adults by three mountain writers. Read more