Bellafina Chocloates

Photo courtesy of Bellafina Chocolates

From Mad Priest Coffee in Chattanooga to Aurora Studio & Gallery in Asheville and many places in between, the mountains are full of labors of love - business that put people ahead of profits. Read more

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Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

Long before country singer Brad Paisley made checking for ticks an act of seduction, many of us grew up with a much more imminent threat to our outdoor adventures—a threat that was far less obvious and identifiable until it was too late. Read more



Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

I haven’t received a decent love letter in years. Before readers assume I have just thrown my husband under the bus, let me clarify. Read more


Love Kitchen

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It’s a little past 8 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and 82-year-old twin sisters Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner are in the kitchen cracking eggs into wide-mouth wooden bowls. Brewing coffee infuses the air with an earthy aroma. Read more


To the mountains, with love

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Nine out of 10 historians and romance novelists agree: Western North Carolina’s mountains have inspired feelings of love and random acts of passion for centuries. Read more


My husband and I spent one January afternoon lazily watching football at our dear friends’ house somewhere in the middle of North Carolina. Draped across the couch, the crew cheered on whichever team playing we had determined to be the underdogs. Read more


Hal Herzog

Mark Haskett photo

Granted, I wasn’t always fond of snakes, and even now, picking up a non-venomous redbelly makes me flinch a little. But all in all, the snake world is one I have come to admire. But the kids’ faces are aghast. Read more


Coal mining

Photo courtesy of Matt Wasson, Appalachian Voices

These Appalachian Mountains are some of the most ancient on Earth, and though modest in size compared to the Himalayans or the Rockies, their ability to support one of the most thriving and biologically diverse regions in the world is unsurpassed. Read more


Couples are said to coo to one another or be lovely dovey, but have you ever wondered where amorous avian references come from? Doves have been symbols of deep and abiding love since there have been symbols. Read more


Elster and Bina Kerley

Photo Courtesy of the family

When preaching on the Raccoon Fork of Goose Creek, where there never was a church, my host, Uncle Zachariah Smith, told me of two remarkable Highland lassies whom he termed the ‘boss gals’ on the creek. Read more


Kelly Davis, founder of Lusty Monk Mustards

Harmony Johnson photo

Kelly Davis’ passions for history and experimenting in the kitchen combined the day she made her first batch of homemade mustard. While thumbing through a 19th century cookbook, she was intrigued by a recipe for freshly ground mustard. Read more