You can tell something big happened in Georgia. The dome of the Georgia State Capitol glints yellow in the sun—just one of the few state capitols in the nation to have a gilded dome, for instance. Read more


Into the void

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“Mining provides the most jobs and the biggest money for Mitchell, Avery and Yancey counties,” said Mitchell County mining historian Robert. S. “Bo” Smith. “For those three counties, it’s the biggest industry here.” Read more

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It was common knowledge in our neighborhood that an abandoned mica mine was located somewhere on the mountain above my parents’ house. Despite a decade of roaming the woods, I’d never found the mine. It wasn’t for lack of trying. Read more


Stand up that mountain

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The road leading up to Big Yellow Mountain twists and turns, making tires to spin on gravel and engines grind into first gear. Climbing this mound of earth and rock seems best left to all-terrain vehicles, which fits it really. Read more


Coal mining

Photo courtesy of Matt Wasson, Appalachian Voices

These Appalachian Mountains are some of the most ancient on Earth, and though modest in size compared to the Himalayans or the Rockies, their ability to support one of the most thriving and biologically diverse regions in the world is unsurpassed. Read more