mountain men

Berry the Steer

Courtesy of Tim Barnwell

The man known for plowing his mountain farm with a steer instructed, “Berry, look at the camera,” and, sure enough, the bovine with horns that came up to the farmer’s shoulders turned toward Asheville photographer Tim Barnwell. Read more


Bruce the Hound

Sarah E. Kucharski photo

I didn’t mean to adopt a hound—at least not a barrel-chested, stick-legged, long-eared, musk-smelling hound. But as I held that squishy double handful of puppy in my hands one late winter day, I was hooked. Read more


On your mark

Photo courtesy of The University of Tennessee Knoxville/Military Science-Army ROTC

Whether uniformed and booted, as with the military teams and individual military competitors, or more comfortably dressed and shod, as with the civilian competitors, the Mountain Man Memorial March is a true test of mountain man (and woman) spirit. Read more


Bob Reed

Cherokee Travel & Tourism photos

Though many boys play cowboys and Indians, few get to be the real thing. But Bob Reed, at the age of 15, learned from a family friend that he was a full-blooded Native American after spending most of his childhood unaware of his heritage. Read more


The golden leaf

Colby Dunn photo

In the sliver of time that lines the far edge of summer, burley tobacco is tinged with a thin, spreading ring of gold. Baking under the summer sun, it gives off a surprisingly gamey aroma, reminiscent of natural fertilizer or unwashed mushrooms. Read more


Charles Maynard

Margaret Hester photo

Charles Maynard has spent his life hiking all over the Appalachian Range and tending to its needs. He’s mountain through and through, and the peaks’ solid, stony grandeur seem to have forged in his soul a deeper appreciation for all creation. Read more


Mountain men

Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

My father was raised in Pike County, Ken., where the men have their own notions about romance. In his early courting days things were easier; everybody wanted to get married and have babies, so it was simply a a matter of making arrangements. Read more


Eustace Conway

Randy Johnson photo

Eustace Conway wasn’t born a mountain man. Or maybe he was. Maybe he inherited the gene from his mother, who grew up on the grounds of a rugged outdoor boys camp in the mountains outside of Asheville, who got it from Eustace’s grandfather. Read more

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