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I agreed to a concealed weapons class not because I wanted a gun but because Laura wanted to go and she had a gift certificate. We were the only two women in the class, and as it came time to head to the range I turned to Laura to ask the obvious. Read more


Wilma Maples of Loudon County, Tenn.

Submitted by Holly Scott, Photo by Jack Williams

Smoky Mountain Living’s readers shared their stories and images of mountain woman including family and friends—strong and independent women who were born in the Southern Appalachians or grew to love the mountains as their home. Read more

Kathryn Stripling Byer

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I came to the North Carolina mountains looking for my grandmother. She had been gone for years by the time I arrived, but I hoped to find some trace of her spirit here, a spirit that longed to return to her birthplace in the north Georgia. Read more


Cornelia's birthday

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A parade of more than 200 costumed partygoers mingled at Asheville’s Biltmore House on the evening of August 23, 1921, to celebrate the 21st birthday of Cornelia, the daughter of George and Edith Vanderbilt. But where was the Vanderbilt’s only child? Read more


Close to home

Photo by John Rice Irwin

Appalachian women endured much adversity and hardship in carving out a life from the hardscrabble mountains; however, they were the center of home life and its reflections of work, culture, and love. Read more

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A bear for Jane

Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

A young woman doesn’t tour America alone, and without a car. But Jane had decided that was what she would do. Her primary destination in America would be Sevier County: because, as the explained, “I rather like Dolly Parton.” Read more


Unearthing history

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Of course it’s about finding the answers. But just as intriguing and purely enthralling, when it comes to artifacts, are those questions left unanswered—the dirty details, complex emotions and tortured circumstances that we’ll never come to know. Read more