A Knoxville retailer and politician, Walker used country music to promote his grocery stores, which helped propel numerous artists onto the national and international scene. Read more


Forget the days of stuffy museums with ropes to keep the hands of little visitors from getting too close. Today, many museums are geared for kids of all ages with interactive play, colorful exhibits, and rich opportunities for hands-on learning. Read more

Pam Myers calls the large, container-like structure hovering at the core of the expanded Asheville Art Museum “a box within a box.” The metaphor is fitting in many ways, the museum’s executive director says. Read more

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A chance to visit Mabry-Hazen House after hours on a weekday and drink up a little history. Read more


Lose yourself in 11,000 years of history for a few hours. Read more


Museum offers holiday tours of its pioneer village. Read more


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Visitors who present the Museum Day Live! ticket will gain free entrance for two at participating museums for this one day only. Read more


2,000 museums nationwide will offer free admission to U.S. military personnel and their immediate families from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Read more

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The college is most often remembered for attracting many of America’s leading visual artists, composers, poets, and designers like Buckminster Fuller, Josef and Anni Albers, Ruth Asawa, Merce Cunningham, and John Cage. Read more


If you like music then you owe a debt of gratitude for events that occurred 90 years ago in Bristol, Tennessee. Read more

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In 1942, the Hendrix family farm was among the 59,000 acres the government purchased to rapidly construct the “Secret City” of Oak Ridge. The massive, top-secret undertaking displaced the roughly 1,000 rural families who lived in Bear Creek Valley. Read more


Be careful what you wish for. In the early 1980s, Andrea Ludden simply wanted a pepper mill that carried out its stated purpose. Soon enough, a lineup of broken pepper mills decorated the windowsill of her kitchen. Read more

History Museum of Burke County

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Established in 2003, the History Museum of Burke County is just over a decade old, which makes its substantial collection of local artifacts all the more impressive. Read more

Master at work

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At Grandfather Mountain, the blackberries are always in season, the fragrant mountain laurel is ever-blooming and the lady slippers are never hard to find. Artist Paul Marchand spent his entire lifetime crafting extraordinarily accurate models. Read more



Sequoyah Birthplace Museum illustration

Many recognize Sequoyah as the man who invented a writing system for the Cherokee Indians, but during his lifetime, Sequoyah had a mixed reputation. Some thought he practiced witchcraft. Others saw this blacksmith as an artist. Read more