Waynesville street dance 01

Margaret Hester photo

Community is not created simply by proximity. It takes a movement, sometimes repeated movements that, if one looks closely enough, might even resemble dancing, dancing in the streets. It matters not what one wears, just as long as one is there. Read more



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I’m not the first person most would choose to call crying. I tend to be less empathetic, more analytic—let’s figure out how to fix what's wrong and do what needs to be done. What makes me good in a crisis makes me a somewhat less than optimal friend. Read more


Short Street Cakes

Paul Clark photo

What used to be known as “Worst Asheville” now attracts young people who are fixing up neglected Craftsman-style cottages and bungalows, having chosen smaller floorplans with personality and a yard in a walkable community over sprawling houses. Read more

ruby throated hummingbird

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Many old-timers envision a place with friends just down the road ready to lend a cup of sugar or watch the kids for a few hours. But the concept of a true neighborhood is much more complex than imagery of groomed lawns and white picket fences. Read more


Neighbors should be neighborly

Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

Anyone raised in a small town or rural community grew up knowing his or her neighbors. One knew the neighbors’ names, waved as they came and went, spoke if they were within earshot, and took food to their house when someone was sick. Read more


Extending a crepe myrtle branch

Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

The last crepe myrtle branch drops as I turn into the driveway. Through the windshield I lock eyes with a guy grasping loppers and hold him fixed in my glare. Getting out, I pick my way around the limbs until I square off with the destruction. Read more