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A two-year effort to restore Alum Cave Trail, one of the most popular hikes in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is now wrapping up. Read more


Passing the time

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Before suits in corporate boardrooms determined the cookie-cutter layouts and mass-marketed inventories of literally thousands of department stores, it was the general store that served a community, and no two general stores were ever the same. Read more


Turning point

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People who haven’t been to downtown Knoxville in a decade or two will need to allow some time for adjustment. The general shapes of the narrow old streets and crowded buildings look familiar, maybe. Read more

My honeybees

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It seems like Colony Collapse Disorder is regularly in the news, and yet, we can’t agree on what to do to save the honeybee from extinction. Maybe the government will finally do something soon. Unwilling to wait, I took my own action last summer. Read more


It is cooking that my husband is most likely to find me doing—or starting to do—at 11:30 p.m. when stress boils over like an overfull pot of potatoes. He sighs, kisses me on the forehead and goes off to bed. The pickling began at an even later hour. Read more


Spruce Pine Potters Market Invitational

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“I make work because I love doing it and because of the pleasure I get from people telling me they use my work every day,” said Cynthia Bringle, a North Carolina Living Treasure. Read more


Stand up that mountain

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The road leading up to Big Yellow Mountain twists and turns, making tires to spin on gravel and engines grind into first gear. Climbing this mound of earth and rock seems best left to all-terrain vehicles, which fits it really. Read more


Preserve. It’s a simple word that carries so much weight on its slight, two-syllabled shoulders, especially here in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. For many, preserving things is an integral strand of DNA in our shared genetic makeup. Read more


Adelaide Lyle had brought most of the children of River Road Church of Christ into the world before the hospital was built around Marshall, N.C., area. She had attended the church since she was a girl, at least fifty or sixty years. Read more



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The combination of dill with cucumber pickles is rote and expected. Pairing the cucumbers with lemon, however, is surprisingly delicious. Burgers and sandwiches get a nice bump when they’re scattered with these thin disks. Read more


Wilma Dykeman wrote the definitive history of the French Broad River in her 1955 book The French Broad. She often joked about the title because New York editors initially assumed it was a risqué tale about a foreign lady of questionable character. Read more



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In the past, one of the solutions for farmers who needed to process quantities of a food product was to build a community kitchen. Later, community canneries were built at a central location for whatever produce was in season. Read more