In high school, some called Tommy Burleson of Newland, N.C. “the Newland Needle” because of his skinny, 7-foot, 2-inch frame. In college, they called him an All-American, an Olympian, and a national champion. Read more


Night skiing at Cataloochee

Michael Meissner photo

Western North Carolina’s ski resorts are constantly looking for new ways to attract the non-traditional skier and include the entire family. These days, there are all kinds of snow activities to choose, from tubing and snowboarding to cross-country. Read more


Three’s a charm

ASU photo

Jerry Moore still remembers when he finally got the chance to suit up to play the game he loves more than anything. He had wanted to play football ever since 3rd grade but didn’t make it onto a team until 7th grade. Read more


Choo Choo power

Photo courtesy of University of North Carolina archives

Never before and never since has Asheville, nor indeed the state of North Carolina, seen a high school football team like the 1942 Asheville High Maroons. Read more