How much of what we do as adults is the result of how we were raised? I pondered that question as I worked in the yard recently. My maternal grandmother and my mother were the two most responsible for making me a lover of digging in the dirt. Read more


Lodging and meals are provided at The Buckhorn, East Tennessee’s classic country inn, which features stunning views of Mt. Le Conte. Read more



Jean Wall Penland Illustration

I love it when I can reach for the flannel and fleece, stock up on coffee and pumpkin beer, gather wood for a fire, and make sure I have a book of ghost stories to cozy up with on the long, dark nights. Read more



Guy Smalley illustration •

Now that Summer is here, it’s easier to reflect a bit more kindly on treasonous Spring. From right after New Year until Mother’s Day, I bristle in a crystalline funk, softened momentarily by a couple of exciting events such as my sister’s birthday. Read more


Firefly talk

Radim Schreiber photo

A Great Smoky Mountains National Park entomologist since 1997, Becky Nichols knows a lot about the park’s nearly 10,000 insect species, but perhaps the most celebrated of the six-legged creatures is the synchronous firefly. Read more


Picnic time

NPS photo

For the Garland family of Maryville, Tennessee, summer Sundays in the late 1950s and early 1960s meant picnic-time in the Smokies. Read more

Classic spread

NPS photo

In my family, as in many others, your birthday means you get to decide what’s for dinner—the midday and main meal of the day. Read more



Sow True Seed photo

What is wrong with my tomatoes? Tomatoes are the beautiful, delicious, iconic garden crop, but with so many things that could be wrong with your tomatoes, it’s a wonderfully, and worryingly, huge question. Read more



Photo courtesy of ASAP

Wandering through rows of blueberry, blackberry, or raspberry bushes is not only a delightful experience, it also creates direct connections between farmers and families. Read more


Katie Knorovsky

Second Street photography

My mom can stare into the sea for hours. During my childhood, summer usually meant a road trip away from our landlocked home to spend at least a week at the beach. Read more



Photo courtesy of RiverGirl Fishing Company

There exists no other activity more quintessentially “summer” than plopping one’s rear down in an inflatable ring and surrendering oneself to the river, exerting little to no effort as the cool, lapping waters steer one along a meandering journey. Read more


Outward bound

Outward Bound photo

Kate Mooneyham never thought she would catch her first salamander at the age of 48. Or lie under a tree, sketching its tangle of branches against the sky. Or see her teenage son voluntarily eat a salad. Read more

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Summer in the mountains of Southern Appalachia means enjoying the great outdoors. But as a child growing up in the flat lands of eastern North Carolina, many of my earliest memories of summers are tied to the Outer Banks. Read more


Asheville Farmers Market

Jon D. Bowman photo

You throw on your comfy shoes, a touch of sunscreen, and a big hat and grab a canvas bag. It’s Saturday morning and the tailgate markets are open for business. Read more