The unknown

Photo by Paul Clark

The air got noticeably colder as Debra Maddox walked into what she called the most haunted place in Asheville. “How odd,” she said, walking down the steps from Asheville, N.C.’s, Church Street to a gravel parking lot. Read more


No parking

Sarah E. Kucharski photo

When she would see a black cat crossing the road in front of her car as a youngster, Kimberly Burnette-Dean would react without hesitation, hurriedly tracing the shape of the letter X with her index finger in front of the windshield. Read more

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The nondescript peak in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge resembles any other, fading into the rows of mountains visible from the scenic overlooks of the Blue Ridge Parkway. But looks can be deceiving. Read more


Life’s mysteries come in varying degrees, some as weighty as religious faith and others as simple as the curiosity caused by strange lights shining on a dark mountainside. In this issue, we assigned editors and writers to cover the latter. Read more


The Smoky Mountains are renowned for their picturesque vistas and scenic views, but there’s another side of the region steeped in mystery and intrigue. Read more