Susan Lefler

As 2009 comes to a close, we like to take stock of all we’ve been through this year. Certainly, with all the troubling news about unemployment and businesses going bankrupt, it’s been a tough year for many, to say the least. Read more


Tommy Hays

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While writers need their solitude and their own individual response to “place,” they also grow through their relationships with each other. How do writers find other writers in a community? How do they encourage and support each other? Read more

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Flat Rock YouTheatre

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Ten small children festooned with various versions of ears and tails transform themselves into Bremen Town Musicians, complete with robbers. They supply the sound effects. The audience (parents, grandparents, and siblings) is wildly enthusiastic. Read more



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Those who have thought about writing, wondered how to hook their children on reading, or are just interested in learning about writers and stories of all shapes and sizes should go to the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival. Read more

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George Ivey, the author of the novel Up River, will quickly tell you that the Blue Ridge Parkway has been a part of his life and an inspiration to him since childhood. He grew up only two miles from the Parkway and trained as a cyclist there. Read more

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Carpetbag Theatre

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The Knoxville Writers’ Guild recently celebrated the centennial of native son James Agee, a writer and movie reviewer best known for his novel, A Death in the Family. Read more



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Ask Clay County poet Glenda Beale what it was like to arrive in the far western part of North Carolina as a fledging writer knowing no other writers, and you will immediately hear the name Nancy Simpson. Read more

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Jim Casada, a native of Bryson City in Western North Carolina, shares his lifelong love of fly fishing in this encyclopedic book. Anyone interested in fly fishing in the Great Smokies will find this book invaluable. Read more

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Kay Byer

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When Kay Byer took on the position of poet laureate for her state, she was “crowned” with a laurel wreath at a huge and festive gathering in Raleigh. Such a wreath comes from a long tradition of honoring heroes. Read more

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Chimney Rock

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If you have ever stood on the mile-high swinging bridge at the top of Grandfather Mountain or on the towering rock formation that gives Chimney Rock Park its name, you will recognize these familiar landmarks. Read more


With spare and lovely language, Bill Griffin captures the personalities of creatures as surely as his wife, Linda French Griffin, brings them to life with her delicate line drawings, each framed by a circle bearing the scientific name of the animal. Read more

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Harriette Arnow remains one of America’s greatest writers. Her Appalachian roots surely formed her and gave her work an authenticity and grounding that only the deep connection to place can bring. Read more

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Gone are the days when the only alternative to eating at home meant a take-out menu or frozen meals from the grocery. If you live within an easy drive of Asheville or Waynesville, N.C., you have only to visit Kanini’s website and place an order. Read more

Sweet Appalachia


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In the past, one of the solutions for farmers who needed to process quantities of a food product was to build a community kitchen. Later, community canneries were built at a central location for whatever produce was in season. Read more


Water beasts, Shakespeare’s best stories retold as Appalachian mysteries, baseball in 19th century Japan, and exciting things to see and do before you’re 12. These are some of the topics found in books for young adults by three mountain writers. Read more

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