T. Wayne Waters


Arrowmont photo

David Willard wants to make clear, first of all, that the property on which Arrowmont stands has not been sold. In fact, Arrowmont’s regular schedule of classes and special events are proceeding as usual this spring. Read more


Love Kitchen

T. Wayne Waters photo

It’s a little past 8 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and 82-year-old twin sisters Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner are in the kitchen cracking eggs into wide-mouth wooden bowls. Brewing coffee infuses the air with an earthy aroma. Read more


Horseback therapy

Therapeutic Riding Academy of Knoxville photo

Through the years, research has shown the positive effects of animal-assisted therapy. Several types of animals are regularly used in schoolrooms across the nation to facilitate learning, as well as in healthcare and assisted-living facilities. Read more


Charles Maynard

Margaret Hester photo

Charles Maynard has spent his life hiking all over the Appalachian Range and tending to its needs. He’s mountain through and through, and the peaks’ solid, stony grandeur seem to have forged in his soul a deeper appreciation for all creation. Read more


On your mark

Photo courtesy of The University of Tennessee Knoxville/Military Science-Army ROTC

Whether uniformed and booted, as with the military teams and individual military competitors, or more comfortably dressed and shod, as with the civilian competitors, the Mountain Man Memorial March is a true test of mountain man (and woman) spirit. Read more


First family of the Park

Photos courtesy of Great Smoky Mountains National Park Library—Sugarlands Visitor center

The establishment of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was an extraordinarily complicated and difficult task, complete with heroes and heroines. In Tennessee, W.P. and Ann Davis of Knoxville were the primary progenitors of the park movement. Read more


A curing recipe

T. Wayne Waters photo

The red metal arrow emblazoned with the words “Country Ham,” fails to indicate that this is the place from which more than 40 chefs at some of Manhattan’s finest restaurants and the Biltmore Estate and Grove Park Inn order their ham products. Read more


Bill Haslam

T. Wayne Waters photo

At the urging of friends, Bill Haslam ran for and was elected mayor of Knoxville, Tenn., in 2003. The city had a serious revenue deficit problem and its downtown was not yet the vibrant residential and entertainment center it has become. Read more


Knoxville zoo

Knoxville Zoological Gardens photo

There is little in this world more satisfying than seeing a child’s face light up with sheer awe and delight at the sight of an exotic animal he or she never seen before. At the Knoxville Zoo, one sees that face over and over again. Read more

A gilded past

From the Thompson Photograph Collection, McClung Historical Collection

Entering the new S&W Grand Café in downtown Knoxville, a gentle breeze of nostalgia wafts over you. Perhaps it’s the glazed terra cotta Art Deco façade of the old building. Or perhaps it’s the dazzling reconstruction inside. Read more



Donated photo

Blue Moon Rising’s recently released CD One Lonely Shadow is an aptly titled collection of songs that delve into the deep shadows of loneliness, heartbreak, lost love, lost jobs, and death. Read more

, Art+Music

Many young performers in and around Knoxville have joined the area’s older mountain musicians to contribute to the city’s growing reputation as an American music hub. The everybodyfields. Robinella. Scott Miller. Wild Blue Yonder. Read more


Tennessee Shines

Eric L. Smith photo

Tennessee has long been renowned for its musical heritage from the banks of the Mississippi River where Memphis has the blues and Elvis to the rolling hills of Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry. Read more


Ross Spears and Jamie Ross

Agee Films photo

PBS will air “Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People” in April, 2009. The four-part documentary series is being touted by PBS as the first ever to chronicle the environmental history of a particular region. Read more