Townsend, Tenn.

Summer spectacle lights up the Tennessee sky. Read more


Chefs from throughout the region will team up with distillers to demonstrate how whiskey can be used as a culinary ingredient, providing tastings for attendees. Read more


Situated along the banks of the Little River, the picturesque village of Townsend, Tennessee, is laid back but never boring. The town slogan—The Peaceful Side of the Smokies—isn’t just a brand created to attract visitors; it is reality. Read more


Lily's Café

Sheena Patrick photo

Miss Lily’s Café isn’t named for a woman but rather for “the lily lady,” as the owner came to be known because of the glorious array of daylilies she raises on her farm. The café’s genesis was a retirement plan that became a family venture. Read more


In the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, cycling and cycling safety have become a focus of one of the region’s inns — Dancing Bear Lodge. Read more