Marc Nelson jeans

Sarah E. Kucharski photo

Located in a warehouse on the east side of Knoxville, Tenn., Marc Nelson Denim is one of only a handful of companies to sell American-made jeans. Knoxville, like much of the South, once was a bastion of the textile industry. Read more



Margaret Hester photo

My mother-in-law is a weaver. She loves her loom, which sits on the second-story sun porch, windows looking out over the tops of old apple trees, across the mountains toward the Blue Ridge Parkway. Read more


Hand fashioned

Donated photo

To be a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild is not simply to be part of a crafting circle. Yes, members weave and whittle, forge metal and throw clay pots, but at stake are the guild’s more than eight decades of tradition. Read more

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  • Bear necessities


    Bear necessities

    Ross and Coleen Miller create a Christmas card photo from their home and studio in East Tennessee, highlighting Ross’ wood sculptures and Coleen’s barn quilt squares.