I have joked that if my journalism got someone in the region angry enough to spit, a DNA swab could prove beyond any doubt that we were cousins. That's the way it is when you count eight generations tying you to these mountains. Read more

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New River Trail State Park Hits The High Notes

Keith Lanpher photo

This 57-mile rail-to-trail recreational wonderland gets better with each visit: more relaxing, richer in birds and blooms, and for history lovers, more valuable as a window into the region’s recent past. Read more


You can tell something big happened in Georgia. The dome of the Georgia State Capitol glints yellow in the sun—just one of the few state capitols in the nation to have a gilded dome, for instance. Read more


The mountains stand eternal, a witness to history. Sometimes a fading gray historical marker will dot the landscape in an effort to inform motorists of people and events someone wishes remembered. Read more


Small Town Charm, Big City Offerings

Marla Hardee Milling

If I had to do an elevator speech of sorts to extoll the virtues of Greenville, I’d simply describe it this way: Greenville has a big-city feel wrapped in southern hospitality and small-town charm. Read more


The festival features authentic traditional food vendors representing Asian countries and areas such as Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam. Read more


Palate, Nose and Soul

Susanna Shetley photo

For eons, spices and teas have offered flavor and solace to the human experience. Whether for medicinal, celebratory or culinary reasons, these simple yet complex pleasures connect people with nature and to one another. Read more


The Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair and the North Carolina Mineral and Gem Festival serve as a reunion of sorts for those who head to the mountains every year, as well as provide a warm welcome to newcomers. Read more


There are several ways to approach the Qualla Boundary, the formal name of the 58,000 acres known as the Eastern Band of the Cherokee tribal trust lands:. Read more


The Upper Cheat River Water Trail, which includes 38 miles of beginner-friendly, class I to II water, is perfect for canoes, recreational kayaks, and family trips. Read more


Traffic has been utilizing one lane in each direction since Feb. 28 when the interstate reopened following a rockslide. Read more


Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Photo Cred (Glen Rose) color.jpeg

Glen Rose

The band will take the stage at Bloomin’ BBQ & Bluegrass on Saturday, May 18. Read more

The natural beauty of Carter County, Tennessee, has beckoned visitors for centuries, ever since the area was populated by the Cherokee. From the Watauga River, brimming with trout, to the mile-high Roan Mountain, there is something for everyone. Read more

Photo Essay, December 2018

Mike Koenig


Numerous versions of the story exist, but they all seem to possess a common thread. That a mother, perhaps named Molly, and a child escaped Indian captivity and when other settlers found them, the child proclaimed in a feeble voice, “Hungry, Mother.” Read more


The Dark Corner. The very words give one a feeling of danger, mystery, and foreboding, much like the title of one of Kentucky author Jesse Stuart’s story collections: Beyond Dark Hills. Read more

For many in the mountains, that first car you got was a ticket to explore. In North Carolina, we took driver’s education class in high school when we were 15 years old. Read more


A circle provides great symbolism for the town of Ellijay, Georgia. It’s located in the middle of incredible natural beauty and surrounded by miles of trails, wilderness areas, lakes, streams, waterfalls and even reports of Bigfoot sightings. Read more


Abingdon is one of our favorite places to visit anywhere, and during many sojourns we’ve learned the ghostly legends. But what we didn’t know is that this is a town that sometimes seems to have more buildings haunted than not. Read more

Big South Fork: A Land of Gorges and Arches

NPS Photo/Bill Fultz

You hike through a forest on a rolling plateau. It’s pleasantly cool in the summer with the tree canopy above. After a while, you scan the landscape and perceive an openness through the forest ahead—it can give a queasy feeling of an upcoming void. Read more