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Thomas Harvey

The Wildlife Commission stocks Delayed Harvest Trout Waters from fall through spring with high densities of trout to increase anglers’ chances of catching fish. Read more


Although I was blissfully unaware of the fact, mine was a blessed childhood. It found me growing up in a fly fishing family; molded by my father and other mentors skilled in the sport; and living within short distance of first-rate trout streams. Read more


When it comes to a traditional mountain rite of spring from yesteryear, it’s tempting to claim, decades after the fact, that I was the victim of child abuse. If so, however, child abuse was once near-universal in my highland homeland. Read more


Our friendship began in the mid-1950s. Day after day as a teenager consumed by fly fishing, I passed an older angler on Deep Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. At some point polite “Howdy” or “Any luck?” gave way to conversation. Read more


The Smokies’ Fish Master

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Since joining the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as a fisheries technician in May 1994, Matt Kulp has yet to find a reason to leave. Kulp took a break from the field for a conversation about trout, water quality and habitat restoration. Read more


Abingdon Trout Stream

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Quality trout streams are common in the Smoky Mountain Region. Indeed, this part of the country is nationally known for its cold water fisheries. Read more



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The first time I remember being truly awed by food, it was trout that did it. My family was on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and we were walking past Smoky Mountain Trout House when I spied an aquarium in the window. Read more


The trout and the bedpan

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It is late fall in North Georgia, and the cool waters of mountain trout streams provide relief for anglers seeking a respite after the summer’s heat. Read more


Casters of all ages

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Springtime is near, and with budding green and showy blooms comes the beginning of derby season. Not the derbies of fleet-footed horses and fancy hats; not the derbies of cars crunching and colliding in fields of smoke and mud, either. Read more


Never doubt a trout

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The majority of fly fishermen out on the river don’t take the time to think from a trout’s perspective. They are too determined to catch the fish and therefore completely overlook a very important process of fly-fishing — thinking like a trout. Read more


Sunburst Trout has earned a reputation with chefs near and far—guests at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Va., will find it on the menu with slow braised collard greens and buttermilk-chive cornbread. Read more