Some leaf color can begin to appear in early September as that lessening light cues the appearance of color in species such as sumac and sourwood. Read more


The music is vocal and instrumental, allowing the band to experiment with arrangements and tailor the compositions to become vehicles for exploration. Read more


New River Trail State Park Hits The High Notes

Keith Lanpher photo

This 57-mile rail-to-trail recreational wonderland gets better with each visit: more relaxing, richer in birds and blooms, and for history lovers, more valuable as a window into the region’s recent past. Read more


Work is expected to start in late-May and continue through November. Read more


National Park Service staff will be on hand at each event to provide a “behind the scenes” look into the Parkway. Read more


The Channels Natural Area Preserve

Eric Middlemas photo

Our guide is Eric Middlemas of The Mid-Appalachian Highlands Club, a hiking and outdoor activity club in the Tri-Cities area that was founded in 1976 and is one of the oldest organized hiking clubs in the region. Read more


All campgrounds on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina are under a mandatory evacuation order. Read more



Billie Wheeler

Barter Theatre is the nation’s longest running professional theater, having opened in 1933 during the Great Depression. Read more


Storm remnants could bring heavy rain to area. Read more


Memorial Day Weekend signals the beginning of the summer visitor season on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Read more


In 2013, Smoky Mountain Living invited Michael Twitty to author an article for its Mountain Voices section regarding how the enslaved from West and Central Africa influenced Appalachian food and culture. Read more


I stopped doing CD and book reviews at the end of 2013, but reading Becky Mushko’s latest book Them That Go, set in the 1970s in the same Virginia mountains where I was born and raised, has inspired me to put on my reviewer’s cap one last time. Read more



National Park Service

The Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park top lists for popularity, according to the National Park System. Read more


It is a cold winter morning in early February when Andy Rosenberger, Paul Hinlicky, and I arrive at my mountaintop land in Craig County, Virginia. Read more


If you like music then you owe a debt of gratitude for events that occurred 90 years ago in Bristol, Tennessee. Read more

Bristol sings a new tune

Cameron Davidson photo • Virginia Tourism Corporation (

Bristol is complex and effervescent, from the roar of NASCAR at Bristol Motor Speedway—the world’s eighth largest sports venue—to vivacious State Street, the downtown boulevard that anchors a resurgent arts and entertainment community. Read more

Finished Dip Dogs

Fred Sauceman

The big city hot dogs of Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia get most of the media attention, but the small towns and country backroads of Southwest Virginia are rich in hot dog cuisine. Read more


Southern Appalachia: 50 Events That Put Us On The Map

Illustration by Ali Douglass

From the conquistadors and colonists of centuries past to the Appalachian Trail backpackers and smartphone-toting tourists of today, travelers have always been drawn to Southern Appalachia’s dramatic geography. Read more