Nocturnal Drama Springs to Life

Casey Phillips/Tennessee Aquarium photo

Puddles seem uninteresting. Any body of water without fish seems barren and unimportant. Maybe there are some mosquito larvae or some unlucky tadpoles squirming around. Hopefully the tadpoles sprout legs before the water evaporates. Read more


The Smokies’ Fish Master

Gary Verholek photo

Since joining the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as a fisheries technician in May 1994, Matt Kulp has yet to find a reason to leave. Kulp took a break from the field for a conversation about trout, water quality and habitat restoration. Read more


Clingmans secret tunnel

Deb Campbell

Hikers, outdoorsmen, photographers, and locals reveal their favorite treasures of “the back of beyond”—from secluded trails and fishing streams to quiet overlooks and picnic spots. Read more

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Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park photo

How’s this for a new angle? For the first time since the 1934 establishment of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, all park streams are now open to fishing. Read more

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Eastern hellbender

David Herasimtschuk photo

Even on a hot July day, the creeks of Roane County are cold enough to need thick wetsuits. Outfitted with snorkels and fins, divers explore the shallow creek’s rocky bottom on a hunt for the elusive hellbender, North America’s largest salamander. Read more

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Photo courtesy of RiverGirl Fishing Company

There exists no other activity more quintessentially “summer” than plopping one’s rear down in an inflatable ring and surrendering oneself to the river, exerting little to no effort as the cool, lapping waters steer one along a meandering journey. Read more


River baptism

Photo courtesy of WCU Special Collections

George Frizzell has more than just a professional interest in the photographs of river baptisms that are part of the assortment of historic artifacts he oversees as curator of Special Collections at Western Carolina University’s Hunter Library. Read more

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With daydreams of adventure and longing for a world much wilder than the break room, concrete streets and manicured trees of the city, Knoxville’s outdoor recreation lovers need not travel far to find where the city gives way to the country. Read more



Sarah E. Kucharski photo

It’s a trade off. We don’t all measure quality of life by the same yardstick, of course. Some would rather have department stores than dirt in which to dig. I just happen to choose dirt. Read more


Juneywank Falls, Bryson City, N.C.

Donated photo

Anyone who has ever spent any time at a mountain lake has, at one time or another, found him or herself intimately and perhaps precipitously acquainted with three things—red clay banks, gnarled tree roots, and unforgiving, cringe-inducing rocks. Read more


Shine on

Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

While I’ve never known anyone who could change water into wine, I have known a fella or two who turned water and corn into something a little stronger. Read more


The allure of mountain rivers

Don McGowan photo

The life’s blood of the high country, rivers wander across the mountain landscape like laughter lines etched on an old man’s face. Theirs is a storied past, for major waterways form sparkling threads woven through the entire fabric of human history. Read more


Before the Great Flood of 1913, “it had already been a month of frightening weather.” Blizzards covered the Midwest, Tampa suffered a cold spell, and a hurricane hit Georgia and Alabama. Read more


Never doubt a trout

Lee Whitehead photo

The majority of fly fishermen out on the river don’t take the time to think from a trout’s perspective. They are too determined to catch the fish and therefore completely overlook a very important process of fly-fishing — thinking like a trout. Read more


Lori McLeod

Family photo

The day began cloudy, teetering between breaking up or building up. A sprinkle turned to a steady rain that became a torrential downpour. By the time we were about a third of the way around the lake, our clothes couldn’t take on any more water. Read more


Keeping Peter Byerly out of a bookshop, or a library, is no easy task. Given his problems with social anxiety, he’d rather be at home solving a crossword puzzle alongside a cup of tea. Read more


Set adrift

Miracle photography photo •

Tom Riggle can trace his love of boats to a pier not far from his grandparents’ house in Charlevoix, Mich., where as a child he used to watch wooden boats cross the lake. “They have a unique sound – kind of throaty and mellow, a soft rumbling.” Read more


Fly fishing

Mark Haskett photo

The 2011 U.S. National Fly Fishing Championship will be held this spring from May 19 to 22 in Cherokee. About 60 of the nation’s top fly-fishing experts will test their angling skills along nearby stretches of water. Read more



Jeff Humphries photo

An evening chill was setting in as a breeze swept down Chastine Creek in northeastern Jackson County in western North Carolina, but I wasn’t ready to leave. Goosebumps and a few shivers were not enough to drive me from the sound of running water. Read more



Donated photo

Donned in waders and thick-soled boots, I hit the river one overcast and drizzly morning in March with fly-fishing guide Bill Strickland of Davidson River Outfitters. I had often fished as a child using live bait or corn nibblets on a standard hook. Read more