The event demonstrates the rigors and talent that goes into woodworking and serves the mission of the Southern Highland Craft Guild in preserving a longtime culture and heritage. Read more


These 12 Crafters for Christmas represent “time-honored traditions and a legacy of handcraft” native to the people of the southern Appalachians, as celebrated through their membership in the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Read more

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Made In The Smokies

Kathryn Ray photo

Whether toiling in tucked-away mountain workshops or bustling tourist studios, the region’s best artisans carry on traditions that have been passed down through the generations—oftentimes in their own families. Read more


Steady hands

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Tucked away in a backyard in the heart of Jonesborough, Tennessee’s oldest town, sits a timber-framed cabin.It is the workshop of talented artisan Curtis Buchanan, who has spent nearly three decades handcrafting Windsor chairs. Read more



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A childhood fascination with wood led Gene Webb to his lifelong vocation. Webb, a Townsend, Tenn. resident, is an award-winning woodcarver, artist, and teacher, who uses hand and power tools as well as a chainsaw. Read more


  • Bear necessities


    Bear necessities

    Ross and Coleen Miller create a Christmas card photo from their home and studio in East Tennessee, highlighting Ross’ wood sculptures and Coleen’s barn quilt squares.

  • Sitting Pretty

    Courtesy of Doug Thompson

    Sitting Pretty

    Left to right: a Contemporary Windsor, a continuous arm chair, and a Bird Cage Windsor created by Curtis Buchanan.

  • Windsor castle

    Jo Harris photo

    Windsor castle

    Curtis Buchanan’s workshop is tucked away in his Jonesborough, Tenn., backyard.

  • Tools of the trade

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    Tools of the trade

    Clockwise top, left to right: adze, drawknife, plane, spoke shave, mallet, brace, froe, scorp (center).

  • Steady hands

    Jo Harris photo

    Steady hands

    Curtis Buchanan uses steady hands as he works on his unique, personal design—a contemporary Windsor.