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Pinching pennies: Jonathan Austin

You have done a great service to us here in WNC with Smoky Mountain News! You pull in information, such as the "Falconry..." article. If your team has written a story on Michael Skinner, director of Balsam Mtn. Trust I have missed it. I worked with Michael several years and am glad he held this position for well over a decade. I did not contact him but if some of your team might pay him a visit, he certainly will show you some of their captive passerines (hawks, owls, eagle if it still is kept there). Michael certainly has a history of moving through the changes that the Balsam Mountain Preserve has moved through with ownership changes over the past decade. You may tell him I suggested an interview if you all wish.-- Dan

J. Dan Pittillo, retired Prof. of Biology, WCU more than 1 year ago