Digging deep into Western North Carolina’s mining history



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Abandoned mine

I recently hiked to the abandoned mine off of the South Toe river and I was wondering if there were any pics.

Marc McIntosh more than 4 years ago

Abandoned but still privately owned

Marc, it wouldn't surprise me if you were on or near an abandoned mica mine on or near my family's property in crab orchard ( one mile north of plumtree post office ) .There are several mines in the area, do you know whose land you were on? And you are looking for pics of what, the mines in the area?

Melissa more than 4 years ago

old mines

hi; i've lived in this area over 20 years now; am interested in history and old remnants of mining days, geology, etc...and I also work privately on a journalistic-historic project of mine, sort of a private documentary of sorts (not meant even for publication or printing, really, just a private interest)...was wondering, what exact area you refer to? Can i go there and walk, look around at the land, any old abandoned mines, etc...any that i can just go and check out on my own, and any i need permission for? and if so, any chance you know of who (owner-owners) would be more inclined to accomodate my interest--i don't need to necessarily even take pictures, though that would be nice in some cases if possible and if that's acceptable to people there. Please, any info you could help with in terms of location of old, abandoned mines, etc...would be much appreciated. Thanks.

george bazley 17 days ago

Upcoming historical anthology

George-I'd like to talk with you about the book I'm writing that includes murders at a mica mine. Please email me.

Nadia Dean 3 days ago

colored rocks?

while traveling to franklin, n.c. we saw piles of colored glass looking stiff?what is it an what is it used for?

JUDY CABRERA more than 4 years ago

Glass in franklin

Think thats slag glass... leftover from mfg and melted glass from factorys but i may be wrong

Teresa Young more than 3 years ago