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Eustace Conway finds self and simple living in the woods

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parcel of land you were trying to acquire

Euctice, my email address is, i am very much interested in whether or not you were able to get the land. i was so rooting for you. you are my favorite mountain man on these shows. it would break my heart if you didnt get that other 90 acres of property joining yours.if you can and its not to much trouble, please email me back. i will look forward to hearing from you. i would love to come there and go on a hunting trip with you. thanks euctice

joel bagwell more than 3 years ago

Mountain Men tv show

My husband is soft spoken, 1/4 Cherokee, loves the land, is pretty much a loner and a survivor. You remind me of him. You two would surely get along. We enjoy watching you on tv. Thank you for being one who shares the knowledge and direction of nature's journeys and blessings, to our younger generation. May they find and use it to be fulfilled in this life. God speed.

Elaine more than 8 years ago

Audtry's Flea Market

My Mother always enjoyed your visits when you'd get a stack of books,and go though them. Y'all would chit chat and she very surprised to see you on TV. My Mother's name is Pauline Eller and she watches for you on every episode of Mountain Men. Be well and safe journey.

Pauline's Daughter,

Jill more than 8 years ago