Finding Handmade History in Ogle’s Broom Shop



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do you know if the store is still open? I bought a broom last year but the owner was ill and could not carve it. I have a friend going this week and she was going to take it to have it carved if they are still open

Candace more than 6 years ago

I have a piece by David Ogle from 1994

It was signed by him that it is hand made on 7.26.1994. It is a beautiful piece of wood with a bearded man on the front. Let me know if you would like a picture. Very nice find for me.

Randy Ward more than 7 years ago

looking for the broom maker name

I have 2 hand made brooms that were given to me by the broom makers daughter she was my neighbor in Stafford Va, her name is Debbie Bolas her dad is the maker,this was back in 92-98 the round broom had pegs in it and cotton string? to bind it round, they have wood handles, the round one has the the handle at top sort of squared off for decoration, I am looking for the name of the maker of these brooms,I was told his brooms are also in the National Museum in DC hope you can help me , hope to hear from you soon

Rosalinda A Diaz-Bare more than 7 years ago