Shedding A Little Light On The Dark Corner



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The dar konur.

If you weren't raised a ridge runner you wouldn't understand. Sugar tit and possum kingdom.

Qwik more than 1 year ago


I am a Campbell my great grand father and all born raised there yes the bridge and grits mills was and is family name my grand father born there old home stead on Campbell Rd my uncle two of them was married to Maggie Campbell Celestine Campbell was my great aunt

Renee Campbell i9jy more than 1 year ago

Camp Wadsworth

My grandfather was stationed at Camp Wadsworth in S.C. before being shipped to France for WWI. I have a number of photos and the location he writes is Dark Corners, S.C.

John M Carey more than 3 years ago

Not "corners".

Dark Corner, by the scholars who write about it, is singular. This is a very common misspelling.

Wayne more than 1 year ago

Poinsett Bridge

Poinsett Bridge is said to be haunted and has the local name of spook bridge. Legend has it that a group of men were chasing a runway slave. They caught him near the bridge, and hung him from the bridge. On a dark night if you ever hear dogs howling the slave is said to be crossing the bridge.

David more than 3 years ago

Near Dark Corners

My grandfather Milton Arthur Hall lived in the Highland community and describe his location is at the foot of glassy mountain. Growing up I never was told anything about dark corners. But I have always loved visiting there although I grew up near Knoxville Tennessee. My dad would drive me through their visiting relatives and tell me quaint stories about things that went on in his childhood there.
One time my cousin showed me the remnants of and I will still near an older home way back in the woods.
Now I have the task of sharing this information with the next generation. So I really enjoy these Dark Corners stories. Occasionally I will read a name familiar only because it was in one of dad's old stories.
My uncle John Milton Hall married Margie Campbell from the family of the Campbell's who built the covered bridge. I don't remember but one time my father took me to see the bridge. But in latter years I have taken my family there and picnic. I have told them the stories out of Dad's and Grandpa Hall's memories.
please keep adding to this because I keep coming back looking for another familiar name like Dill or Hall or Land my maternal mother's maiden name.

Wesley Hall more than 4 years ago

I think we may be related!

My great-grandmother was Mary Francis Hall Howard. I believe her brother was named Milton, from my recollection- I don't have it in front of me.

Melissa Corrigan more than 2 years ago