Helen, Georgia brings half a world a drive away



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The Lazy River

On a recent vacation in Georgia, we saw the typical brochures for local attractions. A German village seemed odd so we thought we would put it on the to-do list. It might fill an afternoon. We were more than pleasantly surprised. So we spent our first day being tourist, eating and shopping and eating and shopping. The 2nd day was spent communing in Mother Nature with a trip to the waterfalls and enjoying a day in the park. The 3rd day we floated down the lazy river. It was easily the best lazy river I've ever experienced, mostly because it is an actual river. I'm no spring chicken, eligible for medicare and 50 pounds over weight but that didn't stop me. To our surprise we spent half of our vacation in Helen GA. I love finding places that exceed your expectations.

Jeanie Collier more than 5 years ago