Legend of Harm Teaster shrouded in mystery



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Harmon Teaster family Photographs

Anyone in the family who would be interested in submitting old family pictures to me, I would appreciate it. I am collecting as many photos as possible and plan to publish a small book in the future regarding our family. Looking for any photos from the families (old photos), that show the following: Harmon, Susie, Ransom, Sam, Hattie Moore, Texie, Bill, Lousia, Mary Caroline, Jethro, Robert Lee, Nancy Strickland. One of Nancy's great grandsons recently sent me a photo of Susie and Harmon that hung in their house for close to 100 years. The photo had never been seen by most of us. A collection of these photos will be a treasure for all the descendants of Harmon and Susie. Thank you all for your help. deanteaster@mac.com

Sherrill Dean Teaster more than 1 year ago

Harmon Teaster

I was the producer and director of the movie "Dean Teaster's Ghost Town". since the release of the movie, I have dug deep into his death and uncovered the actual facts as we have available to us today. I am submitting my story to this magazine in hopes one of their writers can publish it so we can remember the names of the dead as well and the injured and how long they loved. I most cases, the names were misspelled and death dates were recorded wrong even on Harmon's stone. William Harmon Teaster actually died on August 7th, 1905 on a Monday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. His death was horrific as were the others who died with him. I have uncovered that 3 to 4 of the men from the explosion are in fact buried 20 feet from his stone at Big Hill. I am currently looking for anyone who has photographs that were taken just after the explosion since we have evidence a photographer was there with Dr. R.C. Smith. I have a photo of Harmon taken after his body was recovered but the other photos are still out there but haven't found them yet. Anyone having any photos or information please email me. I will continue to submit to Smoky Mountain Living Magazine since I think they are the best at covering stories like this. By the way, I and Harmon's great great grandson being that Harmon's youngest son was my great grandfather by the name of Robert Lee Teaster. I can be contacted at deanteaster@mac.com

Sherrill Dean Teaster more than 1 year ago

He was my papaws great granpa

I remember my papaw telling the story about Harmon Teaster and Harmons den. Loved all the mountain story's he told about his childhood.

Tracy Huskey more than 4 years ago

Step Dads Great Grandfather

I've heard my Step Dad talk ab his Great Grandpa a lot over the years and we have all watched the movie as well! It's an amazing story, with a lot more details that weren't mentioned here in this article, but none the less its def a shroud of light to the truth! Harmons Den is indeed about Harmon Teaster and not ab the other family with the Harmon Surname! I def give the movie a two thumbs up when it comes to a documentary of life and times of Harmon Teaster!

Kristy more than 4 years ago

Family history?

My 3rd great aunt was susie hicks..daughter of rebecca and samuel

Shania more than 5 years ago

Great great Granddaddy died here

My great great grandfather supposedly worked here and died here at Cold Springs in Dec 1920 when he jumped from a railcar that had got away from him. He was a timberman from North Carolina, who rode the rails all the way into Cocke Co, TN from Haywood, NC.

Terri more than 6 years ago

Living great Grandson

My father Love Moore was raised by Hattie Teaster (Harmon's daughter) and her husband Doc Moore. My father is 87 years old. I have heard the story of Harmon and Susie Teaster all my life and have visited their grave sights many times. My father has taken has taken us to all the stomping grounds Hattie took him as a young boy. My father now lives in Marion, North Carolina. He is truly one of the last.

Debbie Moore Mace more than 8 years ago

Famous Tale

Wow! that is actually an exciting little story. I love how the people of the appalachia lived in general. I hope you provide excellent family documentation other than what the books or movies say, so that there is a very accurate account of what truly took place.

sheryl more than 8 years ago

Harmon's Den

I read that Harmon worked at a mill on Dry Fork road in Del Rio, my great grandmother Jessie Mae Teague Barrett lived on that road before moving up on Round Mountain road, interesting he is buried at Big Hill Cemetery, that is where several of my family are buried at..
Would lime to talk to you my email is

Donna Buckner more than 7 years ago

Harmons my ggggreat grandad

Hello my great great great great grandpa is Harmon Teaster

James S Janeway more than 5 years ago

Doc Moore

Doc Moore is my Father in law grandpa and his dad was Lloyd Moore who was Love's uncle

Catherine Moore more than 6 years ago

Dock Moore

Dock Moore and Hattie Teaster were my great grandparents. My papaw was Robert Moore. Lloyd was his brother. Im very excited to learn about my family past.

Renee Moore more than 5 years ago

Great granddaughter

Lloyd Moore is my great grandpa. His first daughter Margaret is my grandma.

Faith Morgan more than 4 years ago


Apparently, Harmon Teaster is my great, great, great uncle. Harmon was my grandfather, Hubert Teaster's uncle.

Rob Teaster more than 5 years ago

Harmon is my ggggreat grandpa

Hello, harm is my great great great great grandpa I guess we are related?!?

James S Janeway more than 5 years ago

Harmon Teaster

My name is Helen Kirkpatrick Godsey Garrett. I have been told I was named after my great grandmother Hattie Helen. Doc Moore and Hattie was my grandmother father and mother. I would love to do learn more about the family tree. My father was Joe Kirkpatrick (JE) all from Marion nc.

Helen Kirkpatrick Godsey Garrett more than 4 years ago

Great great granddaughter

I am 4 generations later of Harmon. & it is amazing to look back on this history. I wish I could have got to known my great great great grandparents. Lloyd Moore is my great grandpa.

Faith morgan more than 4 years ago

William Lloyd Teaster

Hi, did your dad eber mentiom William Lloyd Teaster b. Feb.14,1880 to nancy Teasre, father unknown. Uncle Lloyd raised my motherafyer her father died in 1925. Thanks Doug Tinsley

James Tinsley more than 2 years ago